Garden City Principles

The Garden City principles are a distillation of the key elements that have made the Garden City model of development so successful, articulated for a 21st century context.Read more

Guidance for delivering new Garden Cities

The TCPA has produced a suite of guidance with practical steps for all those interested in making C21st Garden Cities a reality.Read more

Campaigning for new Garden Cities

The TCPA's campaign has involved working cross-sector and at all levels of government to make new garden cities a reality.Read more

Research on Garden Cities and New Towns

Our research explores what experience of delivering new communities from across the UK and beyond can teach us about delivering new Garden Cities todayRead more

Love, Life and Liberty

The TCPA has produced this album as a celebration of our past utopian ideals. These values were artistic, collectivist, cooperative and occasionally eccentric, but most of all they were practical; building real places that immeasurably improved the lives of millions of ordinary people. The readings and songs on this album give a small taste of the debate about land and freedom which has raged in England since the 17th century.Read more

Eco-towns advice worksheets

TCPA Eco-towns advice worksheets, from the previous Government's Eco-towns programme.Read more