What should planning be like in 2040 – planning for everybody, or planning with everybody?

There is increasingly widespread agreement that planning is disconnected from the communities it is supposed to serve. What should be done to address this? What needs to change in order for people to have a meaningful role in shaping the places in which they live and work?Read more

TCPA seminar: local authority innovation and leadership

This free seminar for local authorities will hear from councils identified in a project by the TCPA and the Local Government Association, about innovative new approaches being taken to meet housing need.Read more

Housing White Paper: opportunities to diversify housing supply

Following the publication of the Government's Housing White Paper, this seminar will examine its implications and opportunities for the planning new large scale communities, with a focus on diversifying the supply of housing.Read more

Spring Conference: 'Let's get building! Financing and delivering new large-scale communities: innovation and opportunities'

How can we finance and deliver new large-scale communities in today's rapidly changing financial and policy context?Read more

Practical considerations of setting up stewardship models and management arrangements for new developments

This seminar will examine the practical considerations of management and stewardship of new assets in large scale new communities. Read more