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TCPA New Communities Group Seminar and Report Launch: Garden Cities and New Towns - Lessons for Tomorrow
02 December 2014

There are many lessons, good and bad, that all those involved in delivering large scale development today can learn from the Garden Cities and the New Towns programme. The TCPA is undertaking a research project looking at what the Garden Cities and New Towns programme can tell us about creating new Garden Cities today that will truly be able to deliver their outstanding benefits for future generations. This is the first seminar linked to the project and will provide an opportunity to share initial findings from the study and hear directly from those who are planning for growth in the New Towns today.

The Stage 1 report for the study 'An Introduction to the UK's New Towns and Garden Cities' will be launched at the seminar.

TCPA Seminar: The Brownfield Challenge
09 December 2014

We need to build 250,000 new homes a year to meet demand and building on brownfield land makes sense. But is it that straightforward? How much brownfield land is there, and is it all suitable for homes? What are the economics of building on brownfield? Can we afford to transform brownfield sites into vibrant, attractive places? These and other questions will be explored in this timely seminar. Confirmed speakers include: Kate Henderson, Chief Executive, TCPA; Shaun Spiers, Chief Executive, CPRE; Euan Hall, Chief Executive, The Land Trust; Martyn Evans, Creative Director, Cathedral Group.

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