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TCPA New Communities Group Seminar: establishing community management organisations
28 June 2016

This timely half-day seminar will provide an opportunity to learn about different long-term community management and stewardship models - an essential ingredient to the long-term success of a community.

Land of Promise: A celebration of Utopia
04 July 2016

Land of promise is a celebration of our past Utopian ideals. These values were openly artistic, collectivist and co-operative; most of all, they were practical building real places that immeasurably improved the lives of millions of people. The songs, films and readings give a small taste of the debate about land & freedom which has raged in England from Thomas More's Utopia. It's a rich legacy, with some familiar voices such as J.B. Priestley and Gerrard Winstanley; and the less well remembered - like Edward Carpenter, Ebenezer Howard and Raymond Unwin - who turned high ideals into practical action on a grand scale.

With the music of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen Land of Promise is the ultimate antidote to the steady devaluing and deregulation of English planning. It reminds us that everyone has a right to a decent home with access to gardens, green space, libraries and schools regardless of their income.

Land of Promise is part of the TCPA's campaign to restore social town planning supported by the Webb Memorial Trust.

TCPA Housing Seminar New opportunities for local authorities - housing delivery vehicles, partnerships & innovation
08 September 2016

This timely half-day seminar will highlight the tremendous opportunity for councils to play a full and active role in planning, delivery and managing homes on a meaningful scale. Through case studies and a legal perspective, the seminar will provide an overview of how local authorities can meet their local housing need through exploring the current policy framework, challenges, opportunities and solutions available.

TCPA Summer Conference 'Brownfield, green belt, greenfield - where should we build the homes that we need?'
15 September 2016

The Government has set out the ambitious target of building 1 million new homes by 2020. While there is widespread agreement that this should be done - and many would argue that even more homes are needed - there is little agreement about where these homes should be built. There are three types of land that could be developed: brownfield, green belt and greenfield. This conference will explore the pros and cons of each option. Book now to have your say in what promises to be a very lively discussion.

TCPA Annual Conference, 'Time for a new planning system?'
24 November 2016

The Housing and Planning Bill will be the latest in a succession of significant changes to Planning in England. By the end of 2016 will it be possible to take stock and assess what the cumulative impact of these changes mean in practice.

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