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Climate Change and Energy Policy

Climate Change and Sustainable Energy

Climate Change

As a social justice and environmental charity the TCPA has campaigned for Government to ‘climate proof’ planning. Climate change planning policy must address both mitigation and adaptation and all levels of Government must ensure that the housing growth agenda delivers on climate change. It is incredibly important that local authorities take ownership of their local area climate change targets, developing zero carbon solutions for their communities and helping adapt their local neighbourhoods to harmful climate change impacts such as flood risk, drought and heat waves.

The planning system has a crucial role to play to prevent further damage to our environment through the provision of sustainable energy, energy efficiency, food security, high quality housing, green spaces and integrated transport, as well as helping us adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change.

Download the TCPA policy statement on Climate Change

Sustainable Energy

The TCPA vision is for clean, safe, low carbon energy generated more closely to the communities and households it serves. A decentralised energy system will ensure less waste, greater efficiency, more direct local benefits from energy installations, and stronger incentives to employ generation methods benign in their impacts on people and the environment. A sustainable future of this kind, that integrates people’s needs with those of the environment, has consistently been the TCPA’s mission.

Download the TCPA policy statement on Planning for Sustainable Energy


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