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Accessible and Sustainable Retail

Throughout this policy statement, the TCPA identifies how retail development can be improved to create prosperous, distinctive communities, enhance quality of life, stimulate the economy, and protect the integrity of the natural environment. The TCPA calls for a more strategic approach to planning for retail, which will:

  • provide universal, affordable access to all retail outlets, with access to town centres being more convenient and less expensive than remote locations;
  • favour town, district, and local centres for development over edge- and out-of-town locations;
  • transform some edge- and out-of-town retail developments into more intensive, mixed-use sustainable communities to meet local and regional strategic planning objectives;
  • strategically and positively manage town centre growth or decline;
  • encourage high levels of human interaction through, for example, markets;
  • protect local distinctiveness, and actively promote cultural and economic diversity, to offset the ‘clone-town’ impacts of large retailers; 
  • combine civic, retail, and commercial functions to create thriving town centres; 
  • develop alternative distribution modes, such as town centre shipment points, where delivery access is constrained; and 
  • support local economies.

Download the TCPA policy statement on Planning for Accessible and Sustainable Retail (published July 2005)

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