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Sample Articles from 'Town & Country Planning'

A monthly copy of 'Town & Country Planning' , in which these articles were published, is one of the benefits of Town and Country Planning Association membership. If you find these samples interesting you might wish to consider joining. See our membership pages for more details.

Issue 83/10 October 2014 'Street Smart - Understanding our Local Mixed Streets' by Matthew Carmona

Issue 83/8 August 2014 'Professor Sir Peter Hall' a tribute by David Lock

Issue 83/6&7 June/July 2014 'Towards a place (leadership) council for England' by Matthew Carmona

Issue 83/5 - May 2014 'The Art of Building a Slum' by Tom Pain

Issue 83/4 - April 2014 'High-Speed North - Building a Trans-Pennine Mega-City' by Peter Hall, David Thrower and Ian Wray










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