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Sample Articles from 'Town & Country Planning'

A monthly copy of 'Town & Country Planning' , in which these articles were published, is one of the benefits of Town and Country Planning Association membership. If you find these samples interesting you might wish to consider joining. See our membership pages for more details.

Issue 84/3 'Pragmatism, Idealism & The Housing Crisis' -  The 2015 Annual Sir Frederic J. Osborn Memorial Lecture by Emma Reynolds MP

Issue 84/2 'Towards Best Practice In Property Level Flood Protection' by Iain White, Angela Connelly, Stephen Garvin,Nigel Lawson and Paul O’Hare

Issue 84/1 'Towards a Smart and Sustainable Reading 2050 Vision' by Tim Dixon and Kim Cohen

Issue 83/12 'A Geological Disposal Facility for Nuclear Waste - If not Sellafield, the where?' by Andrew Blowers

Issue 83/11 'Back to the Future' Andrew Ross and Carl Petrokofsky introduce the Special Issue on Reuniting Health with Planning

Issue 83/10 October 2014 'Street Smart - Understanding our Local Mixed Streets' by Matthew Carmona












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