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Strategic and Regional Planning

Strategic and Regional Planning

The TCPA has recognised the need for effective strategic planning for over 50 years. Today, the TCPA believes that effective strategic planning is needed more than ever before – at UK, national, regional, and sub-regional levels.

The TCPA sees strategic and regional planning as an essential tool for guiding development, land use change, and a wide range of other activities at the level of relatively large areas that have some clear socio-economic, cultural, or ecological identity. This approach recognises that major developments will influence living and working conditions well beyond the boundaries of any single locality or local administration. A strategic plan should develop understanding and vision across a whole range of social, environmental, and economic issues that go far beyond the considerations of conventional land use planning, taking a comprehensive and integrated approach over long time horizons. By doing this, the aim is to ensure effective and co-ordinated thinking and action across the full range of sectoral and departmental concerns.

Download the TCPA policy statement on Strategic and Regional Planning (published January 2003)

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