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  1. genuine localism, or just a postcode planning lottery?

Latest Consultation Responses

  1. TCPA response to the draft London Infrastructure Plan
  2. TCPA response to Technical Consultation on Planning
  3. TCPA response to Ebbsfleet Development Corporation consultation
  4. TCPA Submission: Communities and Local Government Committee Inquiry into the effectiveness of the NPPF
  5. TCPA Submission: Draft Further Alterations to the London Plan
  6. TCPA Submission: National Road and Rail Networks Draft NPS
  7. TCPA Submission: Lyons Housing Review
  8. TCPA Submission: Airports Commission's Appraisal Framework
  9. TCPA Submission: Inner Thames Estuary feasibility studies: terms of reference
  10. TCPA Submission: Beta National Planning Practice Guidance

Latest Journal Articles.

  1. a brief overview of the rest of the localism bill
  2. a delicate balance
  3. a jekyll and hyde localism bill?
  4. aiding recovery?
  5. an effective carrot to encourage house-building?
  6. assessing the assessments
  7. how many houses do we need - and will we build them?
  8. keep observing, keep testing the evidence base
  9. making the best of it - whither the north?
  10. new in town

Latest Policy Briefings

  1. TCPA briefing on the Infrastructure Bill: Putting place-making at the heart of planning
  2. TCPA Briefing Paper 45 Wales Public Health Bill
  3. TCPA Briefing Paper 44 Planning Performance & Planning Obligations
  4. TCPA Briefing Paper 43 Norther Ireland Draft SPPS
  5. TCPA Briefing Paper 42: Draft Wales Planning Bill
  6. TCPA Briefing Paper 41 Greater London Infrastructure
  7. TCPA Briefing Paper 40: Scottish National Planning
  8. TCPA Briefing Paper 39: 2013 CIL Reform
  9. TCPA Briefing Paper 38: HS2 Phase 2
  10. TCPA Briefing Paper 37: Towards a Wales Planning Act

Latest Press Releases

  1. Cancellation of zero carbon homes policy is bad news for the green economy, the environment and society
  2. Planning is essential to quality of life in Britain
  3. Let's put people back into the heart of planning
  4. TCPA to host free Garden Cities seminar for local authorities
  5. Planning and Climate Change Coalition express concerns about Government announcement to remove subsidies to onshore windfarms
  7. Let's house the nation
  8. Land of Promise
  9. TCPA welcomes Greg Clark as new Communities Secretary and urges him to hit the ground running in housing, climate change and regional inequality
  10. Manifestos fail to recognise power of planning and place-making

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