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TCPA leads the way on planning for culture

Tuesday 3rd July 2012

Leading planning organisation, the Town and Country Planning Organisation (TCPA)[1], is delighted to announce that it has taken on responsibility for the South East Cultural and Creative Industries Framework (SECCOF).  

There is increasing awareness of how the cultural and creative sectors contribute to economic development and quality of life. This Framework aims to help planners and developers understand the cultural and leisure facilities of their area by mapping the locations and access to cultural and leisure facilities.

Kate Henderson, TCPA Chief Executive said:

“The TCPA is delighted to have been chosen to take over the management of the South East Cultural and Creative Industries Framework (SECCOF) mapping tool. Understanding and planning for culture enriches the social fabric of our villages, towns and cities and is an integral part of creating and sustaining new and developing communities.”

Originally funded by the South East Economic Development Agency (SEEDA) and more recently held by Winchester City Council, the TCPA will now be responsible for completing the toolkit and integrating it into the Association’s existing online Culture and Sport Planning Toolkit (CSPT)  to offer the most comprehensive and accessible best practice and guidance for local authorities.

 The TCPA has an established track record in encouraging integrated planning approaches to culture, sport and well being through the CSPT, a web-based practical source of information and advice for all practitioners involved in culture and planning. The Government’s radical reforms to the planning system, including the introduction of the Localism Act and the National Planning Policy Framework, mean that local authorities are more than ever in the driving seat for shaping the cultural and leisure offer of their communities.

Simon Eden, Chief Executive, Winchester City Council said:

“We are confident that TCPA will take the South East Cultural and Creative Industries Framework forward so that it continues to be a valuable resource for those who want to maximise the role of culture and sport in building successful communities."

Kate Henderson added:

“The TCPA is committed to helping local authorities and practitioners understand their existing cultural offer and how they can use the planning system to improve local cultural and sporting infrastructure. By incorporating the South East Cultural and Creative Industries Framework into the  Culture and Sport Planning Toolkit, the TCPA has a fantastic opportunity to develop and enhance the best practice and guidance on offer to all those with an interest in planning for culture.”  

The TCPA will be bringing together a cross-sector group of stakeholders with an interest in planning for culture - including planners, developers, local government and cultural officers - for a roundtable on 6th July to discuss how the planning system can maximise opportunities for culture and sport in the new planning framework, and how the SECCOF and the CSPT can be developed in future to assist practitioners. The TCPA will also be exploring the possibility of integrating the mapping of cultural and leisure facilities with the toolkit  developed by the University of Manchester (as part of the ‘GRaBS’ project , Green and Blue Space Adaptation in Urban Areas and Eco-towns) to help local authorities and communities understand climate change risks in their localities and plan for green infrastructure.


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