Today we are delighted to be launching a new website for the TCPA. This will mean that our research and guidance can be found more intuitively, and research is grouped together by theme rather than how it is funded. We have guidance and case studies for all types of practitioners, as well as useful information for communities, researchers, students and politicians of all levels and political persuasion. 

We will be promoting and sharing our research in different ways - we will be blogging regularly, and there will be more video and image content. Look out for our first set of blogs from party conferences over the next couple of weeks! We are holding events at both Labour and Conservative conferences. You can also follow our updates on Twitter - @theTCPA

Events can be booked easily online, as well as signing up as a TCPA member. Please have a browse around and see what we have coming up! 

Our monthly members' bulletin will now be available to anyone who wants to sign up to stay up to date with what we are up to. To sign up, please fill in your email address in the footer at the bottom of this page. 

Please bear with us if there are a few hiccups with the new site. It is an ongoing labour of love, and we will be constantly updating and adding more of our research and publications over the next few weeks. If there is a publication that hasn't been uploaded yet, please email us on and we will do our best to get back to you quickly. 

Happy exploring! 

- Claire Porter, Communications