As part of our Planning for Inclusive Communities in London project, the TCPA will be holding a briefing for elected members on embedding equality and inclusion in planning policy. This briefing will:

  • Introduce the soon to be launched research report: ‘London – Planning for a Just City? Exploring how local planning authorities are embedding equality and inclusion in planning policy’. The research report explores the degree to which equality and inclusion are being embedded within local authority planning policy and plan-making processes in London, and offers a series of recommendations aimed at reorienting planning to better focus on promoting equality, and reducing poverty and socioeconomic exclusion.
  • Introduce a new short guide for councils on the use of Equality Impact Assessments in the development of planning policy
  • Draw on aspects of recent training carried out by the TCPA with planning officers and equality officers from London local planning authorities on planning for equality and inclusion

If you have any questions, please email Koen at [email protected]

Please note that this event is open only to elected members in London. Due to limited space please reserve a place.

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