The free conference of EPICURO will be held in the City of London during the day of 6 December 2018. The conference marks the culmination of the EPICURO project with learning from across the European partnership.

Territorial authorities play a central role in developing solutions to reduce the impact of natural disasters, counteract their negative effects, limit recovery costs and safeguard communities increasingly feel the need to explore multi-actor partnerships and engagement as they seek to implement effective local resilience strategies. In such a framework, municipalities’ civil protection can play a central role in the process of building capability to withstand disaster, by shifting focus to disaster prevention through adequate territorial/urban policies and institutional and individual behaviour. 

Social and institutional factors often form strong barriers to the successful implementation of adaptation strategies, and municipalities’ governance needs to be improved in order to increase urban resilience to natural disasters. An effective resilience approach should not only contribute to increasing citizens’ capacity to absorb shocks and cope with stresses, but should also offer an opportunity for transformation, in terms of adaptation to changing environments, empowerment, improved livelihoods, and economic opportunities. 

EPICURO project outputs and outcomes to be presented at the conference

o    Reinforcement of the existing network at EU level by promoting resilience activities.

o    Increasing local level understanding of disaster risks and resilience, including facilitated access to information through SWOT analysis.

o    Provision of new tools, best practice, increased experience, and larger expert networks to design actions and programmes to improve urban resilience.

o    Increasing the alignment of sectoral plans and individual projects with a city’s vision, including the capacity to develop municipal Local Adaptation Strategy Plans that integrate disaster and climate risk management and sustainable development.

o    Increasing the effectiveness of urban planning by means of improved governance of urban resilience strategic teams, involving citizens, the private sector and academia. 

Why should you attend?

This event will be particularly useful to those in local authorities, government agencies and community groups who are interested in working together to plan and implement more socially and environmentally resilient places. Join us to improve your understanding and awareness, and hear about good practice from our European partner cities.

Anyone wishing to attend must register in advance free of charge. 


The programme will include presenters from:

  • City of Vicenza (Italy)
  • Province of Potenza (Italy)
  • City of Vejle (Denmark)
  • City of Salaspils (Latvia)
  • City of Alba Iulia (Romania)
  • City of Skopje (Republic of Macedonia)
  • European University of Cyprus
  • TCPA
  • Ekodoma (Latvia)

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