As a partner in the DG ECHO funded project European Partnership for Innovative Cities with an Urban Resilience Outlook (EPICURO), the TCPA has learnt a lot about what the planning system can do to increase the resilience of towns and cities in the face of climate change. The Association has also updated the TCPA/RTPI publication 'Planning for Climate Change - A Guide for Local Authorities' in December 2018 to reflect the revisions to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

This timely seminar, following the EPICURO final conference and launch of the revised Guide in December 2018, will be the first opportunity for planners, communities and the private sector to gain a valuable insight into ways of tackling climate change and improve resilience and to help inform the preparation of strategic and local development plans.

The seminar will include expert speakers, good practices, and a practical exercise to help planners and others learn how to shape new and existing developments that reduce Co2 emissions and build community resilience to problems such as extreme heat or flood risk. It will apply the practical tools and frameworks created for local authorities as part of the EPICURO project.