Land of Promise, Durham edition

A performance of Land of Promise will happen as a stand-alone part of Re:Place, the launch event for a network reconnecting artists and planners by the TCPA and Northern Heartlands.

The performance will start at 18:30, please be seated before this, and will conclude by 20:00 on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 at the newly renovated Durham Town Hall. Cold refreshments and snacks will be available on the evening.

Land of Promise is a words & musical presentation performed by friends of the TCPA, TCPA staff and musicians Chris Ellis and Rosie Toll. It journeys through three and a half centuries of radical thought, writing & song about the connections between art, social justice and our living environment.

While inspired by the breath-taking radicalism and history of the planning movement, 'Land of Promise' is really about the way we live and how we communicate ideas about a better future for all.

The readings range from John Winstanley's original Diggers' Declaration to the poetry of Benjamin Zephania. Along the way we hear from John Ruskin, William Morris, Edward Carpenter, Ebenezer Howard and JB Priestley among others. The music includes protest songs drawn from writers on both sides of the atlantic: from Leon Rosselson & Dick Gaughan to Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, as well as original settings of poetry by John Clare.The story is woven by a narrator's commentary that gives running historical context & draws out the connections between the writers & ideas. 

Please follow the link above to book your space, tickets cost £8.

We look forwarding to seeing you in Durham.