Be a part of saving the future! 

For one night only, a special performance of Land of Promise in Chesterfield's most important building, Saint Andrew's Church. 

Land of Promise is a words and musical performance featuring guest readers and musicians and tells the story of Barrow Hill, lying at the heart of the British utopian tradition, and of why we have fallen so far from the ideals and practical achievement of those such as Unwin and Parker. They understood that the fate of people and places are indivisible. They asked a simple question: do we want chaos which benefits the powerful, or organisation that can benefit everyone?

The performance will begin at 19:00 following a tour of the church at 18:00, if you do not wish to tour the church please arrive from 18:30 for a 19:00 start. The performance lasts 90 minutes and will conclude by 20:30. Cold refreshments, including fruit juice, wine and beer, will be served on the evening. There is a small car park behind the church, limited parking on nearby roads and a car park at the Memorial Club at the bottom of the hill.

What makes this a special performance?

Saint Andrew’s Church in Barrow Hill is one of the most significant buildings in the UK. Built in in 1895, it is the product of the first collaboration between two of the most brilliant architect-planners of the 20th century - Barry Parker and Raymond Unwin.

Working with Ebenezer Howard, Unwin and Parker had designed Letchworth Garden City, the first experiment in delivering Howard’s self-financing Garden City utopia. Unwin went on to set design standards for council housing which transformed the living conditions of millions of people. And all of this started in Barrow Hill.

The church is unlisted and about to close, but it has to be saved. It is part of the taproot of the Garden City movement and a vital part of working-class history. It is also a beacon of hope in era when the government has scrapped minimum housing standards, opening the way to creating the slums of the future.

By performing in Saint Andrew's Church, we hope to bring attention to this beautiful, extremely important building. We also hope to raise funds for maintaining and protecting the church. This is a free performance, but should you like to donate, please follow this link:

Land of Promise is performed by musicians and staff of the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) in association with Friends of Saint Andrew's (FOSTA). For more information visit

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