During the last few years it has been widely acknowledged that  for decades  we have not built enough homes. More recently it has become recognised that in many parts of the country the quality of places in which people live and work is just not good enough. Simply setting targets for the number of new homes that must be built will not create the safe, comfortable, sociable and thriving places that we all need in order to live decent lives.

How are we to meet this challenge? How can we build the large number of homes that we need while ensuring that they are of a good quality – and built quickly? How can we ensure that we create attractive, sociable, culturally rich places and not just dormitory housing estates? And how must the planning system change in order to include the views and experiences of ordinary people and allow them a meaningful influence over what gets built?

This conference is vital for: councillors, policy makers, developers, housebuilders, planners, consultants, urban designers, academics, architects, landscape architects, community activists – and anyone else who wants to help forge a consensus about the way we shape the country for the common good.

Confirmed speakers and topics will be announced here soon.

Timings: Registration will open at 10.00 for a 10.30 start and the conference will end before 17.00.

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