The majority of children born today are likely to live until they are 100. This welcome increase in lifespan is already having a profound impact on the way we live and the way we plan our lives. But what does it mean for the way we plan our places?

Will we end up with large areas of the country with no working-age people? As the baby-boomers become older, will they want traditional retirement homes in the countryside – or will they want contemporary lofts in the city centre? How can the built environment support a healthy and happy old age for the majority, not just the lucky few?

The aim of this conference is to help planners, councillors, developers and others who influence the built environment start to understand the facts about, and implications of, our rapidly ageing population and what this means for the way we plan our cities, towns and villages. It will bring together experts from a range of disciplines to look at the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Outline programme and confirmed speakers:

Registration from 10.00am; conference starts at 10.30am

Mary Parsons, Group director Places for People; Chair, TCPA Conference chair

Session 1: Setting the scene: ageing in Britain today

Rebecca Jones, Project Leader - Foresight Future of an Ageing Population, Government Office for Science 'What does ageing mean in the 21st century?'

Claire Turner, Interim Director of Evidence, Centre for Ageing Better, 'How can we help people age better?'

Session 2: Creating good homes for older people

Keynote speech: Lord Best OBE, 'How can we make "downsizing" both desirable and possible?'

Jane Barker, Managing Director, Places for People Retirement, 'Meeting the needs of a new generation of older people'

Sue Adams OBE, Chief Executive, Care & Repair England, 'Ingredients for success - creating homes where older people can thrive'

Session 3: Creating places for successful healthy ageing - innovation and enterprise

Prof Malcolm Tait, University of Sheffield, 'Do we have the right planning policies to create age-friendly places?'

Anna Kear, Executive Director, UK Cohousing Network, 'How cohousing is working in the UK'

Patrick Hanfling, Programme Manager, Age Friendly Manchester, 'Age Friendly Manchester - what is it and what have we learned?'

Ann Hepworth, Optum, 'New types of places for older people - learning from the USA'

We are grateful to Places for People Retirement for sponsoring this conference.

This conference is essential for councillors, planning officers, consultants, academics, community activists, public health officers, equalities officers, architects, landscape architects – and anyone interested in how we create high quality places in which everyone can live a healthy, independent life.

Ticket prices:

TCPA members: £180.00 inc vat

Non-members: £420.00 inc vat.

(We have a few concessionary places available - please contact Michael McLean on for details.)

Registration from 10.00am; conference starts at 10.30am

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