Michael Chang

Email: [email protected]
Tel:  0207 930 8903

Michael joined the TCPA in 2007 with a Bachelor of Planning and Master of Science in Urban Regeneration. He is a Chartered Member of the RTPI and Member of the CMI.   

Michael’s responsibilities include policy development and research report to Head of Policy such as for government policy consultations and select committee inquiries, and preparing policy briefings on various consultation proposals and initiatives . He is also responsible for managing and delivering on project work. Previous work on projects including joint research on eco-towns, high speed rail, and transport corridors for KRIHS (Korea), climate change adaptation in planning for the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, leading on the development of the Culture and Sport Planning Toolkit for Living Places and a planning guide in 2013, and managing training for planners including the East of England Climate Change Skills programme for planners, and the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Change Skills Training for Elected Members. In early 2015 he was involved in training for elected members in Belfast CIty Council on the new Northern Ireland planning system.  

He leads on the Association's Reuniting Health with Planning initiative and was on secondment to Public Health England in early 2016. He has managed and delivered health projects on themes such as Planning Healthy Weight Environments and provided advisory guidance on planning and the public health systems. He has completed projects for London Healthy High Streets Group, Public Health England, Public Health Wales and the Wales Health Impact Assessment Unit, Belfast Healthy Cities and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive. As part of these projects and separately, he plans and delivers local planning for health workshops for local authorities. 

He is also responsible for hosting foreign delegations visiting the TCPA to learn about UK planning and leads on TCPA's capacity building trips to China as part of a TCPA-led delegation of experts on urbanisation for the British Embassy Beijing. 

He has previously worked as the Assistant to the Planning Technician at a large metropolitan council in New Zealand responsible for assisting with the administration and logistics of publicising local plan revisions, and as a Planning Assistant in a planning consultancy and responsible for preparing householder planning applications, and carrying out planning assessments and preparing assessments of environmental effect, due diligence, and neighbourhood consultation requirements