Understanding Garden Villages

An introductory guide highlighting the key characteristics of historical 'model' and garden villages, to help inform the design and delivery of new garden villages today.Read more

New Communities Group

The TCPA New Communities Group was established in 2009 by TCPA and the Department for Communities and Local Government. Its members are local authority planning departments and development corporations planning and delivering exemplary large-scale new communities.Read more

Garden City Principles

The Garden City Principles are a distillation of the key elements that have made the Garden City model of development so successful, articulated for a 21st century context.Read more

Guidance for delivering new Garden Cities

The TCPA has produced a suite of guidance with practical steps for all those interested in making C21st Garden Cities a reality.Read more

Campaigning for new Garden Cities

The TCPA's campaign has involved working cross-sector and at all levels of government to make new garden cities a reality.Read more

Research on Garden Cities and New Towns

Our research explores what experience of delivering new communities from across the UK and beyond can teach us about delivering new Garden Cities todayRead more

Celebrating 70 Years of the New Towns Act

This collection of think-pieces provides a snapshot of how the New Towns Act has touched the lives of individuals and the nation as a whole. It contains personal reflections and commentary from those who have lived and worked in and explored the New Towns, and it touches on what this means for the communities of tomorrow.Read more

Love, Life and Liberty

'Love, Life & Liberty' is a words and music presentation featuring guest readers, and musicians. It journeys through three and a half centuries of radical thought, writing, and song about the connection between art, social justice and the living environment.Read more

New Towns

Read more