Walking in urban parks and green spaces

In a new report with the Ramblers, we ask 1000 people from England, Scotland and Wales to tell us about their relationship with walking in local parks and green spaces.Read more

The Green Space Factor and the Green Points System

How can a range of green infrastructure interventions be specified in new developments? This influential paper explains a practical methodology originally used in Malmo and now being adapted for use in the draft London Environment Strategy.Read more


PERFECT is a five-year project funded by INTERREG Europe looking at the multiple benefits of green infrastructure for climate change adaptation, health and energy.Read more

Green Infrastructure Partnership

The TCPA runs the national Green Infrastructure Partnership, a rapidly growing network of more than 1,000 people and organisations that work to achieve better green infrastructure in the UK.Read more

Planning for green infrastructure

How can the planning system be used to protect, create and enhance green infrastructure and biodiversity? Two TCPA good practice guides are available to download.Read more

Green infrastructure for climate change adaptation

Climate change will result in extreme weather in our towns and cities, which could result in distress, damage and economic problems. Urban areas can be adapted to become more resilient, by enhancing their green infrastructure. This section provides policy and practical guidance.Read more