Climate Change

Why is planning important for climate change?   

Planning can provide lasting resilience to the impacts of climate change. It can implement local measures such as sustainable drainage and well-designed development. Planning can also provide a strategic framework to deal with the impact of the predicted 1.15 metres or more sea level rise by 2100.

Planning must also consider how these issues play out over the lifespan of development (usually a minimum of 100 years) and to consider future climate impacts. Our response now will lock us into certain irreversible pathways.

Climate change at the TCPA

The TCPA has a strong track record in research, policy formulation and political influence on climate adaptation and mitigation in the context of spatial planning. This has been informed by comprehensive knowledge supported by both UK research and European-funded projects on adaptation, green infrastructure, human health and energy.

Please click on the links below to access TCPA’s resources on planning for climate change and for information on the training the TCPA offers. These resources are aimed primarily at local authority officers but are also useful for elected members, practitioners, students and anyone interested in the contribution of the planning system to addressing the climate challenge.

The TCPA Offer

The TCPA can provide bespoke training and CPD presentation sessions and workshops for local authorities on a wide range of issues, including planning for climate change.

Become a member

Join our community of members to access our archive of recordings from past climate related webinars and workshops and receive discounts on future events.

Online training platform

Planning for flood risk

The Environment Agency has teamed up with the TCPA to develop a suite of online training resources aimed at planners and flood risk professionals working in the public sector.

The Climate Crisis – a guide for local authorities on planning for climate change

Climate Guide

The TCPA and RTPI have jointly published the 4th Edition of The Climate Crisis – A Guide for Local Authorities on Planning for Climate Change. You can download the Guide below and view our Case Study Hub which highlights practical examples of planning for climate change.

Planning for flood risk photo: Morpeth (credit: John Dal, Climate Visuals)