Community Participation and Social Justice

The role community participation has to play:

Planning matters to people. The way decisions are made influences people’s trust in local democracy and whether they feel at home in their communities.

At its best, the planning process is participative, open, and inclusive. It meets the needs and aspirations  of all sections of society. This requires a democratic framework that empowers everybody to take part in decisions affecting their lives. The TCPA has always understood this to be part of having a democratic and just society, it too often the system undermines it.

How the TCPA works to achieve democracy and social justice in planning

The TCPA has worked for decades with government and the private sector making the case for meaningful public participation. This is informed by our expertise in stewardship, giving communities control over the legacy of their neighbourhoods.

We also directly support communities getting engaged in planning. This includes our partnership with Planning Aid for London (PAL), which is expanding its advice and training services with our support.

The resources below can be divided in two categories. The first include resources for community groups and individuals who want to know how planning works and how they can get involved. The second are primarily aimed at planning practitioners who want to know how planning can deliver outcomes that benefit all communities and incorporate everyone’s  needs and views.

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Planning Advice

Planning Aid for London

Planning Aid for London (PAL) is London’s advice and training service on planning. Supporting communities and people who Planning Aid for London’s brings together resources and advice for community groups and individuals. Anyone who wants to know how planning works and how they can influence decisions about development can use them.