Garden Cities

The Garden City model demonstrates how the reinvestment of the land values created through the development process can enable the creation and long-term stewardship of places with social and environmental justice at their heart. This radical – and largely misunderstood – approach continues to be relevant to development at all scales. 

The TCPA has been campaigning for a new generation of Garden Cities based on modern Garden City Principles. This is underpinned by a programme of research exploring lessons from the past and present to understand how best to achieve these principles today.  

Alongside training and advice, we have produced a suite of practical guidance on delivering new places inspired by the Garden City Principles to support ambitious councils, communities and the private sector to create better places today. 

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Tomorrow 125: how does the Garden City idea offer insights into new ways to live?

The Garden City story is one of radicalism, hope and practical idealism. It proved to be the most influential and enduring example of an alternative and sustainable way of living that the UK has ever produced. Despite its problems, it still remains a powerful blueprint for a humane future in an era framed by the health and climate crisis. The TCPA’s Tomorrow 125 project has sought to explore how the Garden City idea can give practical hope to 21st century communities.