Today the TCPA, supported by the Local Government Association, has published Building homes together, a timely report showcasing local authority leadership and innovation.

Across England there is a shortage of housing, and it is increasingly understood that, while the private sector plays an important role in building homes, it is incapable of delivering the number or quality of homes that we need. Historically, local authorities have delivered decent housing for millions of people in England and now, more than ever, we need councils once again to play an active role in solving the housing crisis. Councils are already adopting different models, working in innovative ways, and forming new partnerships. There is, however, the potential for them to do even more.

With the political and media spotlight on housing following the recent publication of the Government’s Housing White Paper, this report could not be better timed. In the White Paper the Government has committed to enhance the capacity of local authorities and industry to build the new homes that the country needs, and in return ‘asks local authorities to be as ambitious and innovative as possible to get homes built in their area’.

The report sets out examples of local authority innovation in initiatives currently being undertaken across the country, covering both urban and rural areas and working in the face of a range of housing challenges. We hope that councils and delivery partners from across the public and private sectors are inspired by the leadership and entrepreneurial approaches to partnership working highlighted in the case studies.

We are grateful to everyone who contributed to this report, for their time, enthusiasm and willingness to participate, and special thanks to the Local Government Association for supporting this research.

There is a huge opportunity to ensure that we learn from the examples of the work undertaken by local authorities presented in this report. We hope that the lessons are adopted by councils across the country to enable them to fulfil their potential role in securing the mix of high quality homes that we need now and will need in the future.

Download Building homes together here