The TCPA is delighted to be participating in an Urban Thinkers Campus  in Belfast (including a trip to Dublin), run by the International Federation of Housing and Planning (IFHP) to assist with the implementation of the UN Habitat's New Urban Agenda. 

The IFHP is delivering this Urban Thinkers Campus as part of the World Urban Campaign. The event is a unique partnership between the IFHP; Belfast City Council; the Royal Town Planning Institute; the International New Towns Institute; Ulster University; the Academy of Urbanism; the Ministerial Advisory Group; and the TCPA.

 The objective of the Urban Thinkers Campus is to assist with the implementation stage of the New Urban Agenda by focusing on several principles of the World Urban Campaign's "The City We Need", namely how to make cities more (1) socially inclusive and engaging (2) affordable, equitable and inclusive (3) economically vibrant and inclusive and (4) safe, healthy and promoting well-being.

 Kate Henderson from the TCPA will be speaking alongside international experts and “thinkers” from UK and Ireland, as well as from elsewhere in Europe and beyond, to debate and discuss the issues and propose solutions. Politicians, NGOs, the voluntary sector, the private sector, academics, community workers and practitioners in housing, planning, built environment, education and economic development will work together over three days to agree actions that will assist in making cities more cohesive, inclusive and fair to everyone. 

The Urban Thinkers Campus takes place between the 31st May and the 2nd June and if FREE to attend.

For more information and to register please see