The TCPA has launched a new report based on lessons from the TCPA’s New Communities Group (NCG), a unique network of ambitious local authorities and development corporations planning and delivering exemplary, large-scale new communities, from Garden City inspired new towns and villages to urban regeneration and extension schemes.

I have been involved in the NCG since its inception almost a decade ago, and it is a privilege to have had the opportunity to collaborate with so many proactive councils who want to deliver high-quality new communities for people to live, work and play in. Whether on an NCG site visit, chairing a parliamentary briefing or running a thematic seminar, I am often struck by the importance of political leadership, the passion and dedication of the officers, the approach to collaboration with delivery partners and the genuine commitment to leaving a positive legacy for future generations shared amongst the NCG members. However, the journey each of the councils have been on has rarely been smooth, and one of the key benefits of the NCG has been identifying challenges and working together to try and overcome them.

The purpose of a new report, launched at the TCPA’s Making Garden Communities Great Communities conference on the 24th May, is to capture the progress being made - and to share information on current lessons being learned -from local authorities and development corporations at the forefront of planning and delivering our new communities today.

Members of the NCG have all contributed their experience to Building successful new communities: Lesson’s from the TCPA’s New Communities Group through a series of ‘five-minute factsheets’. Each factsheet provides a brief overview of NCG members’ large-scale development and the lessons they have learned from the process so far.

The report provides a valuable insight into the opportunities and challenges on the ground, and we hope it will be a useful resource for the government, councils and their delivery partners when considering large-scale growth in the future.

Read ‘Building successful new communities: Lesson’s from the TCPA’s New Communities Group’ here.