Following the announcement of a general election on 9 June, the TCPA considers what challenges we face as a nation and what the next government must do to put Britain back at the cutting-edge of placemaking.

In Building the future: the TCPA's manifesto for the 2017 general election, which is to serve as a guidance document for politicians, we call upon all major parties to incorporate the following key pledges into their new manifestos:

1. Match the ambition to increase the supply of new homes with funding for social and affordable housing and a commitment to specific measures that will deliver high-quality outcomes in, for example, health and wellbeing, socially mixed communities and sustainable development.

2. Produce a new Community Planning Act to give planning a strong statutory purpose of sustainable development, reinforce the plan-led system, and enshrine the right of communities to participate meaningfully in planning.

3. Introduce a new national spatial plan to address regional inequalities – by, for example, coordinating increased infrastructure investment in the UK’s northern cities – and to encourage a better balance of work and home across the nation.

4. Revise the National Planning Policy Framework to restore standards in design and placemaking, including low-carbon design and space and accessibility standards for new homes.

5. Commit to a new programme of Garden Cities based on a comprehensive update of the New Towns Act, with a legal duty to implement the Garden City principles.

6. Ensure that effective land value capture mechanisms are in place to pay for the basic transport, health and educational infrastructure that can make places work for people.

7. Set up a Royal Commission to guide government action on building resilience to increasingly severe weather events and on promoting the long-term sustainable development of the nation.

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