TCPA publications

Guidance: Building a safer future - December 2021

This guidance for communities, written in partnership with the National Flood Forum, explains how flood risk is dealt with in the English planning system and how communities can most effectively get their voices and concerns heard in planning decisions.

Report: Planning for climate change - October 2021

Produced in collaboration with the RTPI, this publication offers guidance for Local Authorities on planning for climate change. It provides an overview of policy and legislation which can be used to address climate change at a local level, overcoming the barriers faced by many local authorities in England.

Briefing: Planning for climate change, law and policy - September 2019

Local planning authorities in England are required to take strong, outcome-focused action on climate change, but delivery on the ground remains slow. This briefing outlines the key overarching legislative and policy requirements, with some aspects also applying in other parts of the UK and EU.

Report: Planning for the climate challenge - November 2016

This study found that local plans in England are not dealing with carbon dioxide emissions reduction effectively, nor are they consistently delivering the adaptation actions necessary to secure the long-term social and economic resilience of local communities.

Thinkpiece: Resilience development corporations - February 2020

Radically Rethinking our Planning System - The Case for Resilience Development Corporations; the TCPA has put forward a solution to the complex challenge of building resilience to the effects of our changing climate. The core of this solution lies in the creation of a structure, in the form of Resilience Development Corporations, that can provide a strong planning delivery mechanism for building resilience in the places that will be worse affected.

TCPA Practical Guides - Guide 4: Masterplanning for net-zero energy - November 2020

Produced in collaboration with Energy Systems Catapult, this guide is a revision of Guide 4: Planning for Energy and Climate Change, published in March 2016.  This publication provides practical guidance for local planning authorities on the steps they can take to radically reduce carbon emissions and achieve net-zero energy in their local area.  The guide focusses on masterplanning for energy and the strategic role local authorities can take. 

TCPA Practical Guides - Guide 13: Sustainable Transport - September 2020

Produced in collaboration with Vectos, this publication provides practical guidance for local planning authorities on the steps they can take to plan new communities that are designed to encourage more sustainable modes of transport such as walking and cycling, by taking a strategic approach to planning and design.  

TCPA and CSE joint response to the Planning White Paper - 'Why the Planning System needs to be at the heart of delivering the UK’s Climate Change targets' - October 2020

The Town and Country Planning Association and the Centre for Sustainable Energy joined forces to produce a response to the UK Government's Planning White Paper consultation in October 2020.  The publication makes a passionate argument for the role of planning in the drive to reduce the UK's carbon emissions and support communities to adapt to the long-term impacts of climate change.

Green Cities Webinar Series - various dates in 2020

As part of the 'Green Cities' programme, the TCPA organised and delivered six free webinars intended as an introduction to the topic of green infrastructure.  Each webinar explored a different theme with a set of expert speakers, including how the natural environment can help to combat climate change.  

TCPA blogs

The climate implications of COVID-19 – short-term standstill, long-term change? - Jessica Fieth

While the COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly a crisis, we are still in the throes of another - the climate crisis.  Climate change is already impacting communities across the UK and reality is really setting in that over the next 50 years, during many of our life times, there will be even more devastating consequences.

Loss of skills and power: is local government critically unprepared for the climate crisis? - Jessica Fieth

Just 12% of local authorities strongly agree that they have the skills and expertise to take account of flood risk now and in the future in planning decisions. This is just one of the stark statistics to come out of the TCPA’s recent survey of 65 local authorities in the UK. Spatial planning plays a central role in building community resilience to problems such as extreme heat or flood risk and the survey was designed to assess the degree to which local authorities are incorporating the future impacts of climate change into their planning processes. 

Other key resources

The Sixth Carbon Budget (Climate Change Committee)

The Sixth Carbon Budget is required under the Climate Change Act 2008 and provides the Government with information on the volume of greenhouse gas emissions allowed to be emitted during the period 2033 - 2037. 

UK Climate Risk 

Under the UK Climate Change Act 2008, the UK Government is required to publish a Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) every five years.  This website will host all of the evidence outputs from the Climate Change Committee's latest evidence report which is due to be published in Summer 2021.  The evidence report will inform the Government's third CCRA.

Neighbourhood planning in a climate emergency

This guidebook, published in February 2020, has been developed for neighbourhood planning groups and those supporting the development of neighbourhood plans.  It s intended to help create a positive and ambitious neighbourhood plan, using a ‘low carbon’ lens.