The TCPA’s ‘Reuniting health with planning’ initiative has helped local authorities get the right policies in place to create healthy places. Through this, we have learned that local authorities want to gain a better understanding of the development industry. Within the relatively short timescale and scale of the Project, it aims to provide developers with an open and constructive forum to discuss to how to deliver high-quality housing and regeneration that addresses local health needs, alongside meeting policy requirements for a range of place-making objectives and meeting the viability test. It also aims to enable a positive approach between Local Authorities and Developers to delivering healthy developments. As part of the outputs, TCPA will profile developments as case studies using the 6 Planning Healthy Weight Environments elements as a reference framework. 


The TCPA will be delivering workshops in the Summer with the following local authorities and engaging with their local development partners. Each workshop will focus on a specified development area to be profiled as a learning case study in the final output:

  1. Nottinghamshire County Council and Mansfield District Council, May 8
  2. Southwark Council, 27 June
  3. Barnet Council, 12 July
  4. Doncaster Council, 17 August
  5. North Tyneside Council, 1 September
  6. Lincolnshire County Council, 5 September
  7. Merton Council, 25 September
  8. Thurrock Council, 27 September
  9. Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford City Council, 28 September

The TCPA wishes to NHS England and Public Health England, Canal & River Trust, Sport England and The Land Trust for supporting the project as well as the councils above. 

Contact Michael Chang MRTPI [email protected] for further information.