Since 2013 many councils have been encouraging collaborations between their planners and public health teams in order to create places in which living a healthy lifestyle is an easy option. A lot has been achieved. However, as councils have gained confidence in their ability to create healthier places, they have realised that to achieve significant change they would need to involve developers and, therefore, understand more about how to do this. To meet this need the TCPA set up the Developers and Wellbeing project in 2017. This project explores how we can encourage a consensus between the public and private sectors and wider stakeholders about the need to build and sustain high-quality, healthy places.

The project was based around ten workshops with local authority planning and public health teams, housing developers and a wide network of stakeholders. In addition, developers were interviewed to find out what they thought about their role in creating healthy places. The meetings and conversations yielded interesting perspectives and reflections from developers, including insight into their relationships with public bodies during the planning process. The activities were supported by an evidence review of publications and studies from industry and academic sources on the subject of healthy places and economic value.

Publication Outputs

The TCPA acknowledgement partners from NHS England and Public Health England, Canal & River Trust, Sport England and The Land Trust as well as the councils and developers involved in the project. 

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