The TCPA embeds social justice in all its activities and promotes diversity, inclusion and representation within the Association. The TCPA is aware that discrimination based on sex, race, ability, sexuality, class, gender, religion, age, maternity, parenthood or other characteristics, can consciously or subconsciously be replicated in its undertakings, and will eliminate any form of discrimination in its activities. To achieve this the TCPA will regularly review and monitor its measures taken to eliminate discrimination. Within its membership, staff body and governance, the Association represents society in all aspects of diversity and difference. The TCPA holds its stakeholders to the highest standards of inclusion and diversity.

The TCPA advocates for greater diversity and inclusion in the planning and built environment sectors. In its work, the TCPA empowers all in society to have a stake in the planning process, so that all enjoy the benefits that planning creates.


The TCPA has set up a working group to develop, implement, monitor and review an action plan to realise the diversity and inclusion vision statement.