The Eco-town worksheets were developed to complement the Eco-towns initiative launched by Government in 2007 and are a useful source of information for creating high quality, inclusive and sustainable new communities.

Eco-towns are intended to be exemplars of good practice in new development, meeting the highest standards in terms of sustainable development and minimising carbon footprints, social justice, and inclusive communities. The Worksheets set out recommendations, and pointers to sources of further information, for planners and developers of eco-towns in both public and private sectors. The Worksheet series has been supported by DCLG, and been developed in collaboration with many groups and individuals who have contributed their skills, experience and knowledge.

The Worksheets aim to ensure that the unique opportunities presented by building an eco-town are captured and exploited in the interests of sustainable development. Each one offers a summary overview of the subject followed by further information and guidance. Where possible, good practice boxes are included, as well as web links to further information. Over time, as more detailed information becomes available, they will be updated and re-issued. The Worksheets represent a comprehensive set of policy and planning guidance on the range of subject areas to be addressed and the standards to be met when planning an eco-town.

The primary opportunity presented by the development of an eco-town as a form of new settlement is cost efficiency in putting in place new infrastructure at the outset through initial planning. It will be possible to develop this infrastructure - whether it be physical (e.g. public transport), social (e.g. a community centre or community development workers) or environmental (e.g. local energy networks and green infrastructure) - more cost effectively and more comprehensively than will be the case in existing urban locations. These Worksheets therefore aim to highlight the ways in which eco-towns are different from, and can achieve higher levels of sustainability than, other development carried out on the edge of, or within, existing towns.

Download the worksheets below:

Eco-Towns Transport Worksheet

Eco-Towns Waste Management Worksheet

Eco-Towns Community Worksheet

Eco-Towns Water Cycle Worksheet

Eco-Towns Green Infrastructure Worksheet

Eco-Towns Economy Worksheet

Eco-Towns Inclusive Design Worksheet

Eco-Towns Housing Worksheet

Eco-Towns Biodiversity Worksheet

Eco-Towns Energy Worksheet

Eco-Towns Delivery Worksheet

Eco-Towns Index and Glossary