The European Partnership for Innovative Cities within an Urban Resilience Outlook (EPICURO) project, funded by DG ECHO, promotes the sharing of good practices in urban prevention and facilitates the access to specific knowledge and expertise on the issue of climate change adaptation, by involving a multi-actor partnership represented by active actors at European level which are cooperating and working on the enhancement of urban resilience and can therefore bring visible added value to the debate and to the solution development process.

EPICURO's general objectives can be summarised as follows:

  • foster multi actor transnational cooperation
  • enhance knowledge about technology solutions available to local communities
  • increase specialisation of Civil Protection teams
  • contribute to collaborative and informed decision makers
  • raise awareness and enhance the policy and institutional commitment for increasing public
  • increase citizens’ capacities to contribute to building resilience within their communities and to
    raise their awareness around

It is a two-year project starting February 2017 and ending in January 2019 with a major conference in London. 

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EPICURO partnership

See Michael Chang's blog following on the first project meeting in March 2017. 

Watch a video about the project and TCPA's role. 

For more information contact Michael Chang, Project Manager ([email protected], 0207 930 8903)