Thank you for your interest in membership of the TCPA.

The current Registered Charities annual membership rates are:

  • up to £3M turnover - £235.00 (£210.00 by direct debit)
  • over £3M turnover - £485.00 (£435.00 by direct debit)

Please indicate your preferred payment method and membership type below. If you select Credit Card you will be taken to a payment page. Membership will commence immediately on receipt of your payment by the TCPA, usually 3-4 working days after the transaction is made. You will then receive written confirmation of your membership details.

If you select Direct Debit, membership will commence on receipt of the completed direct debit mandate. Your membership and direct debit details will be confirmed in writing by the TCPA. A discount of 10% on the selected membership rate will be applied for members choosing this option. Please note that the price indicated for direct debit membership is £0.00, as no payment is taken at this time. 

You can download the direct debit mandate form from here.

As you are buying organisational membership you can select up to four Additional members, as well as the Main contact, who will receive the member benefits. Please list these in the relevant field below. We will contact you later for their contact details if necessary.

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Ticket Quantity Price

Registered Charity - over £3M turnover (direct debit)

Decrease Increase £0.00

Registered Charity - over £3M turnover (credit card)

Decrease Increase £485.00

Registered Charity - up to £3M turnover (direct debit)

Decrease Increase £0.00

Registered Charity - up to £3M turnover (credit card)

Decrease Increase £235.00