The proposed changes to chapter 2 are broadly fine but they risk being too high level to ensure meaningful change in practice. So, we are asking people to respond to this consultation and call on government to go further. 

Suggested response to question 1, ‘do you agree with the changes proposed in chapter 2?’ 

Please select ‘no’. 

In the comments section, please consider stating: 

While the recognition of the UN Sustainable Development Goals [paragraph 7] and proposed insertion of mitigating climate change into the plan-making section of the presumption in favour of sustainable development [paragraph 11a] are welcome the proposed amendments are currently a major missed opportunity for the Government to demonstrate action in relation to climate change. 

The proposed changes in this section need to go further if the Government is to make sure the planning system delivers on the objectives of the 2008 Climate Act. The NPPF must ensure that all decisions deliver on the 2050 net zero target providing a clear direction of travel that will drive the transformation in the design, location and energy systems of all new development and the regeneration of existing places 

To this end the NPPF must make plain that all policies, plans and decisions must deliver on the objectives of the Climate Act. To achieve that, the following wording should be inserted into chapter two after the current paragraph eight of the NPPF: 

Climate change is the greatest long-term challenge facing the world today. Addressing climate change is therefore the Government’s principal concern for sustainable development. For the avoidance of doubt, achieving sustainable development includes securing the mitigation of, and adaptation to, climate change. All planning strategies, and the decisions taken in support of them, must reflect the Government’s ambition to help business and communities build a zero carbon future and prepare for the impacts of climate change. Accordingly, planning policies and all planning decisions must be in line with the objectives and provisions of Climate Change Act 2008 including the 2050 net zero carbon target.