If you are emailing or posting your response rather than using the questionnaire, we would encourage you to make an overarching comment about the purpose of planning and the need for the reforms to provide clarity around this. 

Possible text to use: 

The White Paper states the reforms attempt to rebuild trust in the planning system and promote good design. These aspirations are welcome, but the specific proposals focus on streamlining processes and removing key opportunities for participation like the right to be heard in person at planning inquires. 

Clarity about the purpose of the planning system is essential to inform the reforms and in guiding a new system once it is in place. The reforms must put in place a clear, statutory purpose for planning which focuses on sustainable development and the health and well-being of all of us. 

The new purpose of planning should be“to positively promote the long-term sustainable development of the nation and the health, safety and wellbeing of individuals.Within this,‘sustainable development’shouldmean:a)managing the use, development and protection of land, the built environment and natural resources in a way which enables people and communities to provide for their social, economic and cultural wellbeing whilesustaining the potential of future generations to meet their own needs; andb)promoting social justice and reducing inequality.” 

Clarity around the purpose of planning would help restore confidence that decisions were in the wider public interest and not dominated by the needs of developers. It would give us all confidence that the system was about making healthier, more sustainable places and not just about housing numbers.