2018 workshops

  1. Enfield Council, March

2017 workshops

  1. Herefordshire County Council, November
  2. Nottinghamshire County Council, May
  3. Southwark Council, June
  4. Essex County Council, June
  5. Barnet Council, July
  6. Doncaster Council, August
  7. Oxfordshire County and Oxford City Councils, September
  8. Lincolnshire County Council, September
  9. North Tyneside Council, September
  10. Thurrock Council, September and November
  11. Merton Council, September
  12. Haringey Council, November

2016 workshops

  1. Blackpool Council, 14 April
  2. London Borough of Redbridge, 20 April
  3. Sport England 'Active Design', 16 May
  4. Public Health Wales, 20 May
  5. Kent County Council, 14 June
  6. Milton Keynes Council, 30 June

2015 workshops

  1. Derbyshire County Council - 23 January
  2. Buckinghamshire County Council - 16 November
  3. TCPA New Communities Group - 17 February 
  4. Wakefield Council - 5 March
  5. Portsmouth City Council - 13 March
  6. Newcastle City Council - 16 March 
  7. Greater Manchester Public Health Network - 11 June. 
  8. PHE Thames Valley councils - 14 July, 09:30-15:30
  9. Warwickshire County Council - 16 July, 10:00-15:30
  10. Norfolk County Council - 21 July, 12:30 to 16:00
  11. London Borough of Hackney  - 27 July, 12:30 to 16:00 
  12. London Borough of Richmond - 1 September
  13. Northamptonshire County Council - 3 September
  14. Nottinghamshire County Council - 1 October
  15. North East councils (North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Sunderland and Northumberland) - 7 October
  16. London Borough of Haringey - 9 October
  17. Royal Borough of Greenwich - 27 October


  1. Sefton Council
  2. Stockport Council
  3. Hertfordshire County Council
  4. Luton Borough Council
  5. Suffolk County Council
  6. Lincolnshire County Council
  7. Sandwell Council and the Canal and River Trust


  1. Bristol City Council
  2. Hertfordshire County Council
  3. Knowsley Council and First Ark Group
  4. Lincolnshire County Council and Central Lincolnshire Joint Planning Unit 
  5. Manchester City Council
  6. Newham Council
  7. Stockport Council
  8. West Midlands Learning for Public Health Network

Feedback from Local Authorities

  • The TCPA / PHE workshop helped us to engage with a range of colleagues and stakeholder on the importance of long term strategic planning for health and healthy weight environments. The facilitated discussion, knowledge from both the TCPA and PHE was valued and the use of local proposed developments and how the planning and health worlds can complement each other were highlighted. The event motivated all partners to work closely together and to start this from the beginning of the planning process.’
  •  I found it very useful indeed. It provided a sound basis for me to bring together planning / health and related colleagues and begin a dialogue about how we best achieve health/ wellbeing outcomes through planning processes and decisions. Having some external structure / input into that was very beneficial. The outputs from the workshop (i.e. the collated views and comments of attendees) are useful for me as a basis to develop the Public Health response / input into planning’.
  •  ‘The workshop gave us an opportunity to explore how we could improve health outcomes through planning.  TCPA’s support was invaluable, helping us think through the opportunities available to us that I wouldn’t have known without this guidance.  The follow-up work, providing us with feedback on our local plan, will also be extremely helpful. ‘
  • The workshop enabled (the County) to get the key stakeholders together to start to consider how best to use the planning system to promote healthy lifestyles and improve healthcare infrastructure. Work is now taking place on how to take this forward, identifying the priorities using the feedback obtained from the workshop. The workshop has enthused those involved in planning and health with far more discussion taking place’.