The '6 Healthy Weight Environment elements' was developed in 2014 as part of the Planning Healthy Weight Environments project supported by Public Health England. Through research and engagement activities, the TCPA sets out and illustrates a range of interventions within the planning and design of a new development, or for an existing community, that can help in creating an environment which supports healthier lifestyle choices. These can be used by a range of different decision-makers and actors in policy development and in assessing planning applications for schemes. 

These can be broadly categorised under the following themes:

  1. movement and access: sustainable travel or active travel;
  2. open spaces, play and recreation: green infrastructure, formal and informal play areas;
  3. healthy food environments: food growing and access to healthy retail;
  4. neighbourhood spaces: public realm, social and healthcare facilities and services;
  5. buildings: design and layout of homes and commercial spaces; 
  6. local economy: town centre retail and food diversity.

You can access the Planning Healthy Weight Environments publication here.

You can access the main illustration with the 6 Healthy Weight Environments elements here

For England and to ensure conformity with the National Planning Policy Framework, the TCPA has developed a checklist to ensure local plans take into account the range of policies with direct and indirect influence on health and wellbeing, and healthcare infrastructure provision. See here

For Wales and to ensure conformity with Planning Policy Wales, the TCPA, Public Health Wales and WHIASU have developed a checklist to ensure local development plans take into account key PPW policies on health. See here