The TCPA’s Healthy Homes Act campaign calls on government to make sure all new housing is built to a decent standard.

Spurred on by a wave of evidence that a lot of homes built under modern standards are jeoparadising people’s health, safety, wellbeing and life chances, our Healthy Homes Act campaign will expose the unacceptable conditions many people are living in and call on government to introduce new legislation which would ban poor-quality housing.

Why are we campaigning?

One of the aims of the TCPA's work is to secure a decent, well-designed home for everyone.

The findings of the TCPA’s Raynsford Review highlighted that some of the new homes being built today are not of a sufficient quality and risk becoming slums in the not-too-distant future.

Through our research we have uncovered some shocking case studies, such as homes as small as 13sqm (around the size of a standard car parking space) being created using permitted development, and others failing to meet national building regulations.

What will the campaign do?

The TCPA wants to support the need for more, good-quality homes by setting out ten principles about what we believe defines ‘decent’.

These would apply to the flat or house itself but also the neighbourhood within which it is located. This is because we know how important access to green and play space—and the need for places to be 'walkable'—is to people’s health and wellbeing.

We are calling for this to be done through a set of principles which would be enshrined in law through a ‘Healthy Homes Act’. In May 2019 we presented these principles to government through a 'Healthy Homes Bill' which set out mechanisms for how they can be implemented and enforced on all new homes (new build and conversion).

Throughout the campaign we will also investigate poor-quality housing which is affecting people's health, safety, wellbeing and life chances, with research published intermittently during the next two years.

Read our 'Healthy Homes Bill'

In May 2019 we presented government with a draft ‘Healthy Homes Bill’, setting out ten design, safety and placemaking principles—concepts we believe constitute a ‘decent’ home—and mechanisms for how these can be introduced into law (via a ‘Healthy Homes Act’).

To read our short briefing on the Healthy Homes Bill, click here.

To read our Healthy Homes Bill, click here.

How you can support the campaign

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If you are part of a business, charity or organisation that would like to support the Healthy Homes Act, email us on [email protected]