The Housing and Planning Act makes fundamental changes to the housing and planning system including the introduction of Starter Homes, the extension of the Right- to-Buy to housing association tenants and a new 'permission in principle' system for planning approvals.
The TCPA supports the Government’s aspiration to build more homes. However, the measures set out in the Housing and Planning Act are unlikely to solve England’s chronic housing crisis because they fail to back the kind of high-quality and ambitious plans for new places that this nation pioneered. The proposals do not deal with those in greatest housing need. They do not frame a narrative for high-quality, well designed places.
As the Bill (now Act) went through parliament the TCPA proposed a set of positive amendments that would have enabled the delivery of a new generation of Garden Cities. The TCPA's amendments, including a cross-sector amendment on the purpose of planning which was supported by the National Trust, Habinteg, Friends of the Earth and others, were discussed at the committee stage in a series of lively debates.