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TCPA housing project

How can councils secure the delivery of more affordable homes? New models, partnerships and innovations

The media and political spotlight is firmly on housing following publication of the government’s Housing White Paper, Fixing our broken housing market, in February 2017. Central to solving the lack in supply of new homes of all tenures is the role of local authorities.

A House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee report, Building more homes, in July 2016 made wide-ranging recommendations to enable councils to resume their historic role as one of the major builders of new homes, particularly affordable housing.

This new project, supported by the Nationwide Foundation, will seek to influence councils across England through helping them to identify cost-effective affordable housing models and to take a lead on their delivery

A series of free seminars for councils are being held across the country in summer 2017 to disseminate the findings of the project, and a complimentary project being carried out by The Smith Institute on local authority housing companies. Details are as follows:

  1. London & the South East, TCPA, 13th June, 12.30 - 4.00pm - book here
  2. Manchester & the North West, Manchester Central Library, 20th June, 12.30 - 4.00pm - book here
  3. York & the North East, Priory Street Centre, 11th July, 12.30 - 4.00pm - book here
  4. Exeter & the South West, Exeter Community Centre, 18th July, 12.30 - 4.00pm - book here

The TCPA is interested in learning from local authorities about innovative models coming forward to address the shortfall in affordable homes. Please contact Henry Smith, Projects and Policy Manager, on 0207 930 8903, or email [email protected].

The project has the following elements:

  • Practical help for councils and combined authorities to deliver more affordable homes
  • Advocacy support for elected members
  • Understanding the new policy context
  • Influencing national government

About the Nationwide Foundation

The Nationwide Foundation is a charitable funder which aims to increase the availability of decent, affordable housing for people in need.

Funding for this project is part of the Nationwide Foundation’s strategic programme, Nurturing Ideas to Change the Housing System. A key part of this work is understanding which ideas have potential to create change through robust testing and analysis. or @NationwideFdtn

The Nationwide Foundation is a registered charity (no 1065552) and has limited liability being a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (no. 3451979). Registered office address: Nationwide House, Pipers Way, Swindon, SN38 1NW.

The principal benefactor of the Nationwide Foundation is Nationwide Building Society.

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