What’s in the report?

This report identifies existing tool kits, research reports and case studies that can help councils secure affordable housing. It’s essentially a directory of good practice.

Who is it for?

Anyone who has responsibilities in affordable housing. This could include planning and housing departments, councillors, funders and designers.

How to use it

The report is laid out by organisation. Under each heading, you will find a summary of relevant work undertaken by the organisation followed by links to their resources and contact details.

To help identify the resources which are most relevant to you, each organisation is categorised using a hashtag (#) based on the type of work they have carried out. You can find a list of the categories on page 12 along with corresponding page numbers.

About the project

This report is part of a series of research we’re carrying out on helping local authorities build more affordable homes.

All research is funded by the Nationwide Foundation. The organisation works throughout the UK to support communities through funding charities and influencing changes. For details on some of their other work visit their website here.

Read the full report here