"The inevitable strain of life can be eased by good housing conditions, good working conditions, good opportunity for the enjoyment of leisure, freedom for proper rest, with the proper opportunity for fresh food."

From ‘Health and Garden Cities’, 1938 by Norman Macfadyen, TCPA Chair (1929-44) & Letchworth Garden City’s first medical officer of health

How you experience the built and natural environment can have a positive or negative impact your individual health and wellbeing. For examples, locating shops and services in poorly accessible areas will likely prevent you from getting there by walking, cycling or taking public transport; providing good quality green spaces around your home will allow you to enjoy the outdoors more; allowing diverse food shops along your local high street will give you greater healthy eating choice; or building safe and spacious homes will provide you with opportunities to live a healthy life without burdening the NHS.

Town planning has a key role and is increasing recognised as an important tool to shape the environment so that living a healthier lifestyle can be the easier choice.