The TCPA was commissioned by the Association for Public Sector Excellence to carry out research into the scale of the challenge facing local authorities to meet housing demand for all tenures. 

In Homes for all: Ensuring councils can deliver the homes we need, the research uncovered the following findings:

  • 96% of the 116 Councils who responded to the survey said that their need for affordable housing was severe or moderate. 
  • 72% of councils think that the viability test laid out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) has hindered their ability to build social and affordable housing.
  • 87% of Councils did not believe that the Starter Homes initiative would address affordability in their local authority area, and 79% did not think that Starter Homes should be classified as affordable housing.
  • 75% of the Councils who responded said that their dominant model for delivering social and affordable housing is through the planning system and s106 agreements.

Kate Henderson, Chief Executive of the TCPA said:

With 96% of councils describing their need for affordable homes as severe or moderate, and 89% worried that the extension of Right to Buy will lead to less affordable homes, it is clear that there is a real crisis.

Councils are concerned that government policy is not enabling them to deliver genuinely affordable housing - we need to have a housing strategy that provides affordable homes to all people.

The report calls for urgent Government action to deliver the homes needed in the UK and sets out recommendations to tackle the challenges of providing the necessary housing. It is recommended that the government puts in place a housing strategy that provides decent homes for everyone in society.

The report also recommends that councils are not forced to sell-off their social housing to fund the extension of Right to Buy – 9 out of 10 councils are worried that the extension of Right to Buy will lead to less housing available for social rent.

The report is the second annual survey carried out by the TCPA on behalf of APSE. 

The report is available from APSE.