Following on from the research project New Towns & Garden Cities: Lessons for Tomorrow, and in the context of government’s renewed interest in New Towns and the New Towns Act, in 2016 TCPA held a series of roundtables across the United Kingdom with the New Town authorities to understand how to raise the profile of the New Towns and understand their specific renewal needs and promote their growth opportunities.

The roundtables were held in Warrington, Edinburgh, Belfast and Milton Keynes and provided an opportunity to:

  • share experience of growth and renewal opportunities and challenges in new towns across the UK.
  • discuss how the new towns can best be celebrated and their specific needs and opportunities recognised by government.
  • explore the opportunity for and potential remit of a new towns group - a network of new town local authorities.
  • provide new town authorities with an update of current government interest in new towns legislation.

Events and further information 

Full details of the TCPA New Towns Network and further events will be available on this website soon. 

Please contact Katy Lock for further details ([email protected] or on 0207 930 8903).