The TCPA has received sign off for a new five year project funded by INTERREG Europe on the multiple benefits of green infrastructure for climate change adaptation, health and energy. The €2 million project features eight partners across Europe and is designed to share lessons about how to successfully invest in green infrastructure based on its socio-economic potential.

The project was signed before the Autumn Statement, meeting the deadline for projects to receive a guarantee of ongoing support following the EU referendum. The project will look to improve the ways that we invest in multi-functional green infrastructure to support sustainable new settlements and regenerate existing communities. Investment plans must recognise the vital role that networks of green spaces can make to the social, environmental and economic sustainability of places.

Hugh Ellis, TCPA Interim Chief Executive, said:

"Green infrastructure is being increasingly recognised as a vital starting point in building places which are resilient to climate change and which can improve the physical and mental health of people living and working there as well as boosting the value and economic success of areas. The evidence is there, but securing investment and joining up thinking at a local level are the challenges that we are still facing.

Our experience has shown that by learning from inspirational examples abroad we can transfer policies and practices which have tangible benefits to all partner countries. Through sharing lessons about how we can make the case for its investment to decision-makers and politicians, we can ensure that green infrastructure is no longer seen as an added luxury but as a key requirement in policies and plans"

The PERFECT (Planning for Environment and Resource eFficiency in European Cities and Towns) project builds on the success of previous TCPA-led EU funded projects on planning for climate change mitigation and adaptation, and will influence how Structural Funds are spent in EU member states. The eight partners of the project are as follows:

Town and Country Planning Association, UK (lead partner)
Cornwall Council, UK
City of Amsterdam, Netherlands
South Transdanubia Regional Development Agency, Hungary
Provincial Government of Styria, Austria
Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region, Slovenia
Bratislava Karlova Ves Municipality, Slovakia
Municipality of Ferrara, Italy

The project will begin in January 2017 with a kick off meeting in London the following month including workshops, study tours and presentations on investing in high quality green infrastructure.

More details about the project will appear on the TCPA website in the near future. For more information in the meantime, please contact Henry Smith, Project Manager at [email protected] or on 0207 930 8903