The International Federation for Housing and Planning Association (IFHP) has today welcomed Britain’s oldest housing and planning charity, the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) as its newest national chapter. The TCPA will act as a national focal point of the IFHP for members and interested individuals in the UK.

The TCPA campaigns for the reform of the UK’s planning system to make it more responsive to people’s needs and aspirations, and to promote sustainable development. The TCPA occupies a unique position, overlapping with those involved in the development industry, the environmental movement and those concerned with social justice.

The TCPA prides itself on radical thinking and problem-solving. The Association’s policies inform major national and regional issues including, but not limited to, integrating sustainable development into planning policy, providing more high quality affordable housing and planning for a more stable and sustainable pattern of development. These issues overlap with the current topics that the IFHP is dealing with on an international scale.

Kate Henderson, Chief Executive of the Town and Country Planning Association said: 

The TCPA and IFHP have a long-lasting relationship built on a shared heritage. Both organisations originated from the Garden City Movement and we both were established by Ebenezer Howard over a century ago.”

“It is great to have the opportunity to formally collaborate over a 100 years on, with the TCPA helping spread the IFHP’s community outreach in the UK and the IFHP extending the TCPA’s outreach on a global scale."

The IFHP strives to be a worldwide network of professionals representing the broad field of housing and planning, aiming to create ‘better cities for people’, acting as an international ‘knowledge broker’ in the field of housing and planning.

The respective distinctive positions of both organisations create a rare local-global collaboration and mutual benefits for the members of the organisations.

By sharing local, national and international knowledge on these topics in a reciprocal manner the TCPA and IFHP hope to create a synergy which results in added value for our respective members.

Anette Galskjøt, Chief Executive of the International Federation for Housing and Planning said:

“We are fortunate enough to now refer to the TCPA as our UK national chapter, thereby officiating the continuation of our long-lasting relationship with the TCPA.”

 “The TCPA is a dynamic organization and we look forward to jointly investigate how to facilitate an international platform for its activities and outreach. We expect that opening up the TCPA network to our community and the other way around will lead to meaningful collaborations.”

By signing the agreement, the Association and the Federation endorse to increase the IFHP community-outreach in the United Kingdom and TCPA’s outreach on a global scale via IFHP’s international channels. 

All members of the UK National Chapter will become indirect members of IFHP and will have the same rights as a member (apart from having voting rights for Council Elections).