We are working with the Trust for London to help tackle poverty and inequality through the planning system.

The 18-month project has two key objectives:

  • Learn about the effectiveness of the planning system to deliver inclusive communities in London.
  • Lead a programme of training and engagement events for communities and the public sector to learn about the potential of the planning system to create sustainable, diverse and fair communities in London.


The planning system was set up to ensure that everyone had access to a good home in a healthy, thriving community. Today this is under threat.

Through this project we aim to better understand the barriers and opportunities relating to how planning policy in London is able to play a meaningful role in tackling poverty and inequality.

What the project involves

The project has two stages:

  1. A research study which will investigate the extent to which planning policy in London includes mechanisms to address issues such as affordable housing, inequality and health.
  2. Applying research findings to help drive better outcomes for people. To do this we will engage with decision makers in London’s public and private sector and—crucially—the communities and individuals who live with the consequences of planning decisions.

Next steps

We are in the process of analysing  the effectiveness of London’s planning policy frameworks in contributing to achieving socially inclusive communities. Later this year we will publish a report on our findings, making recommendations to the GLA, local authorities, and other stakeholders as well as national government.

When we have collected our findings, we will host engagement and empowerment training events on inclusive planning with communities and the public sector.

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