This report explores the impacts of permitted development rights on place-making, and what they tell us about the government's planning reforms.

Tens of thousands of new homes have legally bypassed the planning system in England since 2013, undermining place making, local democracy, jobs and wellbeing.

In the wake of the government’s unprecedented expansion of permitted development rights (PDR), which will allow more buildings to be converted into homes while bypassing the planning system, the TCPA has launched a new report exploring the devastating impacts PD rights have already had on place making over the past seven years.  

Building on previous research which explored the impact of PD on residents, this report focuses on the wider impacts of permitted development on neighbourhoods and communities. Despite research from Public Health England and other authorities establishing clearly that our neighbourhoods are crucial to communities’ health and wellbeing, the report finds that permitted development consistently undermines councils efforts to plan for healthy and safe places. 

Download the report here.