The TCPA has launched a new campaign for a Healthy Homes Act. The campaign marks the centenary of the Planning and Housing Act of 1919 and the step change it represented for space and quality of housing.

Why is the TCPA campaigning?

The campaign is a response to the findings of the TCPA’s Raynsford Review.

The review showed that deregulation of the planning system is creating devastating outcomes for people.

The TCPA has learnt about some shocking case studies. Homes are being created from office blocks through permitted development, some which are as small as 13sqm and without windows. Others do not meet national building regulations and are unsafe. There are tower blocks where 50% more flats have been built than have consent for.

What will the campaign do?

The TCPA has formed a coalition against permitted development. The group will work together to expose substandard housing delivered through PD and campaign for more ambitious design standards.

The campaign is calling for:

  • A ‘Healthy Homes Act’ which sets out overarching principles to apply to all housing development from new build to conversions.
  • A more detailed 'code' for healthy homes which sets out specific minimum standards either as part of updated building regulations or a new national standard.
  • A clear commitment that any form of public subsidy for homes requires compliance with new standards.

How can I be involved?

The TCPA is still gathering evidence of poor-quality housing built through permitted development to campaign against this damaging policy. If you have details of examples then please submit them (in strict confidence), to our team at [email protected]

If you would like to support the campaign or for more information, please contact [email protected]

During 2019, the TCPA will be holding a parliamentary event to mark the centenary of Lloyd George's commitment to providing soldiers with 'homes fit for heroes', which was a turning point in the birth of minimum design standards for new places. Keep an eye on this page for more details.