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Annual General Meeting – 2023

The TCPA Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2023 will be held on Wednesday 19 July 2023 at 5.30pm.

To make the meeting as accessible to as many members as possible, we will again hold the AGM virtually this year. 

Ahead of the AGM, the agenda and papers are available to download at the links below. Joining instructions for the meeting are included at the start of the agenda

As members will see from the agenda, following the formal business items there will be a presentation and discussion about our Tomorrow 125 project. So, we really hope people will be able to join us. 

Every member that is an organisation and wishes to send a representative to the AGM should also let us know the name of its appointed representative prior to the AGM. Please send this information to Fiona.howie@tcpa.org.uk. 

Otherwise, all members are welcome to attend the AGM and no registration is necessary. However, if you plan to attend we would appreciate you letting us know by emailing Fiona.howie@tcpa.org.uk, so we have an idea of numbers. If you would like to send apologies, please do so by using the same email address. 

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please note that all members have the right to appoint a proxy. There is information about how to do that included at the bottom of the agenda (available below).